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There are situations that require finesse and a professional eye, particularly when it comes to a detail commercial demolition or indeed, any worthwhile demolition service in Sydney. While there are a number of competitors in the field at the moment, Get It Away has a proven track record of outperforming and providing clients with an experience like no other – maintaining our status as one of the leading demolition companies in Sydney.

For over 17 years, Get It Away has been the industry standard and known as the leading sustainable and efficient demolition contractors in Sydney. Our clients expect optimal results and assurances of safety and compliance in every aspect of every project that we undertake – and we are proud to deliver, every time.

For those who require the internal components of their building to be disposed of in a safe and effective manner without damaging the structural integrity of the surroundings – our detail commercial demolitions are the perfect fit. Whether it is for a refurbishment purpose, or general maintenance and upgrading.

This type of job must be undertaken by a capable, responsible, and experienced team to warrant a safe delivery of your industrial requirements. Get It Away Demolition and Excavation Pty Ltd are Licensed Demolition Contractors in Sydney providing expertise in all aspects of commercial demolition and strip out services. We have managed a number of strip-outs and debris removal projects, which include business interior and structural deconstructions.

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Keeping It Simple

Using the latest equipment and machinery, we can always provide a fast and efficient completion to all our projects with health and safety foremost. Our cost-effective waste management processes and end-to-end project management ensures the job done right and completed on time.

We are a team of trained and qualified personnel with a devotion to having the best possible solution in place for you and your workers. We keep a very close eye on the precision of our commercial demolition management, ensuring that the due diligence is done before work even begins. We won’t even start work until you feel satisfied and in agreeance with the proposed work to be done onsite.

Our end-to-end management also removes the typical headaches you’ll find with other demolition companies in Sydney, typically leaving behind remnants or annoying smaller tasks to be completed after a majority of the work has been done already.

One of the more common annoyances is that of rubbish collection and removal from the worksite. We have lucrative contracts with a number of the city’s most effective garbage and debris removalists – assuring our clients that their interior or exterior will be left in pristine condition.

Why We’re the Demolition Company For You

For the best commercial detail demolition experience in NSW, look no further than Get It Away. We take care of our clients and understand that not every job will be fitting snugly in the 9-5 window.

Our MakeSafe capabilities are assured and above reproach, particularly when you consider that we have a team ready to go for the greater good 24/7/365. Ensuring the safety and security of occupants and the general public will always be a priority for us and we will continue to maintain stellar standards in our approach.


Whatever the job, whatever the question, Get It Away will answer and alleviate all of your concerns. Please feel free to call us during office hours on 1300 791 816 Mon-Fri.

​If you are looking for a demolition contractor in Sydney – or anywhere in NSW, then look no further. We take on any size project, so do not hesitate to contact us and submit a request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.