What Determines The Overall Budget Of A Commercial Demolition Project?

October 17, 2022by anthony0

There are many factors that determine the entire cost of a commercial demolition project. These span from hazard material handling (e.g. asbestos removal), location, permit instructions, size of the job, etc. Some businesses have to make the big decision on whether to renovate or strip out the space to renew it.

In most cases, your typical commercial demolition company provides a free comprehensive quote to make sure you have a detailed estimate of how much you can expect to pay at the end of the process.

At Getitaway, we are the premier commercial demolition company holding more than 17 years of experience. During our time, we have specialised in making a difference to the state of our buildings across Australia, to transform them into the future it’s meant to be. For guaranteed effective and safe results, you can rely on our team for quality performance.

In this article, we’re going to go further in-depth on these factors in the following sections. Let’s take a look!

1. How To Estimate The Project Budget?

One way you can estimate the entire cost of a commercial demolition project is based on its square footage. This year alone, the price range for defits and strip-outs spans from $15 to $300 per square metre. It’s important to note that as your square footage increases this ultimately minimises the cost per square metre. Therefore, if you require a large-scale project, you can save money in the long run.

2. Permit Cost

Another factor that determines the overall commercial demolition cost is permits. Depending on your location, the price for a permit ranges from $200 on average to $10,000 for cities that do not accept strip-out and defits services.

The price of moving rubbish to landfill is determined by the project budget. This is based on a few factors such as waste type (e.g. concrete, metal, plaster, or wood), or the length of distance between the construction area and the closest rubbish removal.

3. Special Considerations

In certain circumstances, it is important to consider factors that may affect the commercial demolition cost. If you have asbestos or other dangerous materials, removal will be priced at an additional $10 to $80 per square metre. As most commercial demolitions do a full, comprehensive knockdown, this means the entire cost of the project might not be included in the final quote. If the project involves installing an entirely new foundation to the building, you are required to revisit the entire estimate for the project.


Commercial demolition involves a variety of different key considerations when it comes to the overall budget of the project. In these cases, having full transparency as to the entire cost from the start can assure you can rely on these contractors to do the job as you expect.

Here at Getitaway, we’ve made it our mission to provide tailored commercial demolition services to all kinds of projects, big or small. If you’re looking to hire our team of contractors, feel free to speak to us today!

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