Here’s What To Expect With Shop Defits And How You Can Best Prepare

September 20, 2022by anthony0

When the time comes to the end of your tenancy, performing shop defits is necessary to prevent your business from experiencing distress. Many tenants out there don’t consider the importance of the requirements as noted in their agreement. This can lead them to lose more than what they bargained for. For these reasons, it’s crucial to be prepared to prevent further delays and obstruction.

Whether you are a tenant preparing to get your property organised for a business launch or your landlord is doing a strip-out for the succeeding tenant, we know how necessary it is to get the work done right away. Having an expert for assistance can make the whole process more convenient and faster.

At Get It Away, we have done countless shop defits and strip-outs, helping dozens of our clients with their end of the tenancy. With our services, we cater to provide reliable assistance to each of our clients. As a result, you can guarantee that your business will save time and money. That’s why having a good demolition company on your side will make all the difference to your lease obligations.

In the next few sections, we’re going to be detailing what to expect during shop defits and how to prepare.

What Does Shop Defits Entail?

A shop defit, otherwise known as a make-good or strip out, happens when a landlord or tenant requires to get the property back to its previous state before the tenancy. The process involves a series of different steps involving removal and cleaning. Our team can help you map out a plan that works with your timeframe ensuring your business is ready to go by the end of your tenancy.

Shop defits is a long-winded process involving a series of steps spanning from:

  • Detaching plumbing appliances
  • Elimination and/or replacement of glass and storefront
  • Removal of ceiling, fixtures, fittings, flooring, lighting, partitions, wall finishes, etc.
  • Rectification works
  • Painting and plastering
  • Final tidy
  • And many others

Based on the type of project itself will determine which of these tasks will be performed. The end goal is for the store to be revived in its previous condition before the tenancy so that it can be ready for new tenants. Depending on what’s outlined in the agreement, particular tenancy and rental contracts will have specifications as to the final condition of the property by the conclusion of your tenancy.

How You Can Prepare For A Shop Defit

Although a shop defit might seem simple enough, you could do many other things to make it much more convenient. Depending on the type of contract you have, they have their own conditions that are based on your purpose of renting the space and the property size. In the following key points, we’re going to list out the many ways you can prepare to ease the workload of the process.

1. Scanning The Agreement & Being Aware Of The Conditions

The best way to be organised for shop defits is to make sure you thoroughly read through the contract before signing. This is to guarantee that you fully understand particular requirements regarding the overall final condition of the property by the end of the tenancy. Because shopping centres have particular instructions in terms of the work hours and the level of finish required, it’s important to fill in the paperwork.

This is to ensure you know what to expect when it comes to the level of shop defits necessary. If you need more details, it’s essential to speak to the landlord before going starting the process.

2. Have A Checklist

After you’ve read the contract, you can now draft up a checklist to get all the necessary tasks done right away. Many people forget about this important step, causing great grief if you don’t have an action plan. By prioritising your tasks, you can ensure that you have the most well-planned and efficient process for the shop defits.

3. Speaking To A Professional

The last step before performing shop defits is speaking to an expert who knows what they’re doing. This is to guarantee there are no mistakes that could further delay the process or cause further issues down the track.

At Getitaway, we’ll make sure your shop defits is a smooth and efficient process, allowing the next Tennant to move in without any dramas. If you would like to get assistance from the best of the best, feel free to contact our team today to book your free quote.

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