The Essential Checklist For Your Retail Store Defit

July 19, 2022by anthony0

A retail store defit is an essential component for avoiding costly headaches once your tenancy agreement has ended. All too often tenants overlook the conditioning and requirements stipulated in contracts which can end up costing more than just money.
So, how best to avoid this headache? Get It Away has your answer.

Here at Get It Away, we have conducted an innumerable number of shop defits and strip outs in the past and saved our clients a lot of time and money in the long run. Oftentimes we’ll find clients needing an efficient and trustworthy company to take care of lease obligations and conduct a retail store defit against the clock. We have always delivered.

Thanks to our years of experience in satisfying tenancy agreements for our commercial clients, we can confidently offer up a little bit of advice for business managers who are reaching the end of their tenancy agreement and are looking at organising a retail store defit to ensure a smooth transition.

What Is Involved With Shop Defits?

When we talk about commercial strip outs and retail store defits we are essentially referring to tasks that can include:

  • Floor Removals
  • Removal of Fixtures & Fittings Throughout the Premises
  • Glass & Storefront Removal and/or Replacement
  • Disconnection of Plumbing Appliances, Returning Services Back To Base Building
  • Rectification Works
  • Painting & Plastering
  • And More

Essentially, the work will always be a little different depending on the job. However, the fundamental principle and goal is to have the property be at its original state and condition as it was when the tenancy began and preparing it for the next tenants to move in.

Many rental agreements and tenancy contracts will have certain stipulations surrounding the condition the property should eb returned to at the end of the tenancy.

An Essential Retail Store Defit Checklist For Tenants

While the process itself is quite straightforward, we’ve found that there are a few ways to make the entire process a little easier for you in the long run. As we mentioned earlier, each contract will have its own set of stipulations and requirements depending on the size of the property and the intended use for the space.

There are a few overarching methods we can suggest making the whole process a lot easier.

1) Reading Through The Contract & Understanding The Requirements

Preparation is key when it comes to store defits, in order for preparation to be achieved we would always suggest you read through the tenancy agreement carefully and look for any makegood clauses that may have specificity as to the condition that is expected.

The specifications put forward by the landlord will undoubtedly appear in these sections of the contract and will give you a good guide as to the scope and level of expectation. If you require further information surrounding the obligations therein, we heartily recommend you consult the landlord before beginning the retail store defit procedure.

2) Outline & Order The Required Tasks

Once you have an understanding of the tasks at hand, it’s time to put them into a workable and discernible plan of attack. We’ve come across a number of people who sadly overlook this crucial step in the process which has led to delays and headaches. Understanding the levels of priority, and what work can and cannot be completed at certain stages of the retail store defit is highly recommended.

If possible, prepare a rough checklist of the tasks at hand and order them for peak efficiency and optimal timing.

3) Getting In Touch With A Specialist

Finally, consulting a specialist with experience and efficacy with shop defits is always a wise move. We should know, we’ve been conducting them for years and have developed a strict understanding of the expectations landlords have, as well as the importance of avoiding common errors.

Hiring a specialist like us will allow you to relax in knowing that the contractual obligations of your tenancy agreement can be fulfilled without the fear of damaging or causing more issues by tackling the complexities of a retail store defit yourself.


If you follow these steps and plan accordingly, we are confident that your retail store defit will be conducted without an issue and you can make the move to your next storefront with no worries or fears.

If you require the assistance of experts in the field – you’ve come to the right place, get in touch with us today and schedule your Free Quote!

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