The Make Good Clause & Why It Matters More Than You Think

May 10, 2022by anthony0

We’ve been conducting commercial defits and make goods for several years – and believe us when we say, we’ve seen it all. One particular lesson we’ve taken on rather intently, is the importance and weight that a make good clause has in modern business practices and contractual arrangements.

While it should be assumed that any physical space should be returned to its former state at the conclusion of a lease, there are a number of quid pro quos that are too often overlooked. If left ignored, these smaller details can have negative impacts for the businessowner in the years to come.

We’re going to explore a few of the unwritten rules of a make good clause and delve into a few of the reasons why hiring a professional service like Get It Away for your commercial defit is the smartest move you’ll make as you prepare to move your business onward and upward.

Breaking Down The Obligations

No doubt you’ve heard your fair share of horror stories about previous tenants or owners leaving a property in absolutely putrid condition at the end of their contract. As this is a common enough occurrence, more landlords consider the Make Good clause as an essential addendum to their contracts.

On the flip side of the coin, there have been tensions raised when landlords use creative/vague language in their contractual arrangements to ensure that money is owed regardless. These instances are equally frustrating for tenants and businessowners who are understandably wary of vague language in contracts.

Let’s assume for the purpose of this blog piece that everything was entered into in good faith, and there are fair and balanced terms – let’s explain some of the common obligations that comprise a lease agreement.

Removal Of Detachable Property
The bare minimum clause you’ll find is a simple removal of detachable property. This can include aspects like desks, cabinetry, bookcases etc. Very little else is usually required, this is fairly self-explanatory.

Basic Repairs & Removal Of Property

This obligation is centered around the removal of property (as specified earlier) with a few potential caveats. Notably, when removing attached pieces of equipment any marks or scuffs left on the walls and common areas will likely require re-painting or sanding as per the condition report.

It’s obligations like this that typically entail our professional make good services – after all, we’ve been doing it for a long time and know the lens that landlords often look through at a property.

Returning To Condition Report Standard

This one tends to trip up a lot of businessowners which is quite understandable. Ostensibly, this obligation refers to the condition report you would no doubt have filled in at the time of the signing of the contract. It usually requires the property to be returned to the state as stipulated in the condition report.

If your business has been there for a long time, it may be time to utilise our commercial defit services to ensure that everything is returned to its prim and proper state.

Base Building Standard

The trickiest obligation we’ve found with make good contractual clauses is the base building standard. More commonly found in retail shopping outlets where the post-contract utility of a space is unknown, this obligation is often the most time consuming and expensive for leaseholders and businessowners.

The removal of plumbing, wiring, furnishings and walls can sometimes be required – which is where our professional commercial strip out services come into play. We have the experience to navigate this complex and often confusing obligation.


We’ve seen businessowners overlook vital aspects of their contract or worse, try to DIY their way out of it. While there are certain caveats and aspects that can easily be done by you or your employees, it’s never a smart move to conduct heavy movement or removals without the skills or experience.

The make good clause is not something to overlook or ignore. Not just for monetary reasons, if you leave a property without fulfilling these contractual arrangements, you could impede your reputation for future property contracts.

Consider the best in the business and hire the professional and dedicated team at Get It Away for your next Make Good obligation fulfillment.

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