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Office De-Fit

Office De-Fit

Getitaway Demolition Office De-Fit

Getitaway Demolition is your professional contractor and we are experts in the field of returning office environments ‘Back to Base’. From the initial property inspection to the handover stage we will manage every part of your Office De-Fit and end of lease make-good.

Getitaway Office De-Fit projects are completed by our experienced team of professionals who are highly skilled and with the best & latest equipments; who will then carry out the tasks to guarantee a smooth completion of your projects. Our team will also ensure during and post completion of the projects: theremoval of all Fixtures and Fittings, Environmentally-Safe Waste Clearance, Cleaning and Sanitising, Electrical Termination& Relocation, Data Termination & Relocation, Mains Water Isolation, Boarding up, Premise Security and Minor Tenant Repairs.

 The team at Getitaway Demolition are experts at carrying out Office De-Fits and our scale of work consists ofthe highest quality possible,ensuring the best results to meet any requirements you should have. Not only do we offer a wide range of services, we also ensure to give you an affordable and time efficient demolition cost in the market. We take great caution in the tasks we do, and our cost of services also include comprehensive hazardous material removal such as asbestos and PCB. All Getitaway Demolition services are of high quality which would far exceed the expectations of our clients.

Getitaway Demolition Office De-Fits are Just a Phone Call Away

Should you have any De-Fit projects, and are wondering on the De-Fit costs, contact us and we will get one of our Project Estimators to provide a free quote and help you settle on the best cost to complete your projects.

Getitaway Demolition ensures a safe, precise and satisfactory service in a timely manner that would most definitely prepare the foundation to build your new future.

 More Specifically:

  • Property inspection and detailed report
  • Full ‘Back to Base’ De-Fit
  • Partial internal/external De-Fit
  • Comprehensive project management of all trades
  • Wall / Ceiling / Floor / Fixture removal
  • Concrete Cutting, Drilling and Grinding
  • Detailed Demolition Tasks
  • Patch, Sand, Paint & Repairs
  • Hazardous Materials Removal
  • Mechanical / Elec / Data /Sprinkler / Security removal & reconfiguration
  • Recycling strategies for disposable items
  • Protection of landlord assets
  • One point of contact for all your De-Fit requirements
  • Always: – Safe…Fast…Quiet…Clean…On Schedule!

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